Our Ministries

At JPOP Church, we are committed to various ministries in order to reach out to the community around us and bring the hope of the Gospel of Jesus into their hearts. These ministries target people from all ages, gender, and social status.

Kids Ministry

Sunday School

Every Sunday morning, a group of children (Lebanese & Syrians) get ready to be part of our Sunday school sharing time. During this time, well trained teachers share with them the word of God, teach them worship songs and do crafts or games with them. The children learn bible stories about the Lord Jesus, His love for them, and His free gift of salvation for each one of them. They also learn about Bible Heroes of the old and new testament and the amazing ways God used them. The special books purchased from the Child Evangelism Fellowship make it both interesting and exciting for these children to learn about God, as we encourage them to share what they’ve learnt with their friends. 

House Meetings


We at JPOP Church believe that growth can only occur in a sphere of close relationships with believers. This is why life groups give us the opportunity to mature together in character and knowledge. The environment we set up in the house meetings helps in encouraging and challenging one another to follow Jesus and spread His word in our everyday life, as well as keeping each other accountable on different matters in our daily lives as christians. During these house meetings, we do some worship together and then share and discuss about a certain passage from the Bible. So, what are you waiting for? Come and join a life group near you. For more information, contact us via Facebook or email.

Syrian Ladies Meeting


The Oasis ministry started a few years ago as Syrian refugees flew from their country to find protection and peace in Lebanon. We have been welcoming in our church over one hundred ladies with their children weekly; every Thursday. During the meeting, we share with them the word of God through Discovery Bible Study done in small groups. Craft and cooking activities are also part of our way to bring smiles to the hearts and faces of these ladies, while they learn new things every week. Children’s  and prayer ministry is also included throughout this time of fellowship. Sometimes, we invite professional guests speakers to share about special important subjects with these ladies.

Relief Work

Community Project

As a church, we have tried to reach out to the refugees and the needy in the area for many years now. This has led us to start a weekly meeting called Oasis, where we do ‘Discovery Bible Study’ together with the Syrian refugee ladies, followed by some creative activities. From this meeting we have been able to raise support from different organisations and churches (local and international) to provide food, winterization, clothes and other needs for these families. This has given us an open door to share the love of Christ with not only the women but also with their whole families, as we care for their needs. If you would like to be helping us in this ministry and be part of this relief work we are doing, you can find different ways to help us by going to our donatepage and choosing one of the donation options provided on the page.